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Over the years, we have successfully creates various kinds of healthy noodles such as MiQQ Air Dried Noodles, Mi Siput and Curry Laksa Noodles. Our noodles are produced by using high quality flour and without preservatives.  All products are “Halal” certified by JAKIM (The Islamic Development Department of Malaysia).

In addition, we are also providing Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) service for customers specially cater to their needs. We also supplying noodles to our customers at school canteens, food courts, hawkers, vegetarian restaurants, wholesalers and many more. 

Our Air Dried Noodles are 100% non-fried, no preservatives and low cholesterol. We are confident that our products will bring you the pure taste of noodles and take delicious to new standard. 

Our Products

Mi QQ Air Dried Noodle(400g) 
Air Dried Noodle (Trans Fat 0g)
1 pkt: 400g 
1carton: 400g x 24pkt
Mi QQ Air Dried Noodle (700g)
Air Dried Noodle (Trans Fat 0g)
1 pkt: 400g 
1carton: 700g x 6pkt
Mee Siput
Traditional handmade noodle
1 pkt: 340g 
1carton: 340g x 24pkts
The Royal Curry Laksa Mee
Air Dried Curry Mee
1pkt: 100g X 4 
1 carton: 12pkt